Rules and Regulations

BBC Bowling Championship 2019 | Rules and Regulations

Tournament Format

  • There will be a total of 12 teams playing the tournament
  • Each team must have 5 players + 3 subs  and it is mandatory to have at least 2 female players amongst the 5 players in the playing team at all times
  • The Team composition must consists of participants working towards media planning and buying ed. Media Planners, buyers, strategists, account managers, directors and others in the relevant areas of work
  • Tournament Format will be 2 groups of 6 teams, with top 3 teams from each group moving through to the Super Six round.
  • In Super Six round, all the six teams will compete in the KO round and the 3 highest scoring teams will advance to the Final round of the tournament.
  • In the event of a group tie, the teams will be given 3 frames and the winner will be decided on the 3 frames’ score. The highest score will go through to the next round.
  • Each match will be of 5 frames per player. Total of 25 frames per team.

Matches & Scoring

  • 12 teams will be randomly divided in 2 groups of 6 teams.
  • In the qualifying round, each team member to get 5 frames. So for 1 team, it will be a total of 25 frames, distributed equally amongst 5 team members
  • Total score of 5 frames of each team member will be added to the team total.
  • 3 highest scoring teams within a single group of 6 qualify for the Super Six Round.
  • 3 teams from Group A and 3 teams from Group B advance to the Super Six Round.
  • In the Super Six Round Top 3 teams with the highest score will advance to the Final.
  • In the final, the team with the maximum score will be the winner.
  • Organizers decision will be final and binding under any and all circumstances

Team Composition

  • Every team is eligible to register 8 players (5 players + 3 Subs). 7 Players should be from the Agency/Brand side. The agency can invite 1 player who is from the respective client side
  • The teams will get a chance to choose 1 player from the BBC Team to add to their squad on the event day. This player would be an addition to the (5 + 3) players in the team’s existing squad.
  • It is mandatory to have at least 2 female players
  • At least 35% of the total team composition i.e. 3 participants working in the Marketing / Brand Department e.g. Brand Managers, Brand Directors, Assistant Brand Managers,
  • Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, Vice Presidents or Assistant Vice President Marketing, etc.
  • It will be mandatory to do substitution for all the qualifying agencies in the subsequent round. E.g., the 3 substitute players will be part of the team in the second round and will replace the 3 players from the first round.

Tournament Rules

  • Only company employees are allowed.
  • Players need to show company ID card at the venue during team registration and need to submit the name of the all players on a bonafied certificate/letter from the HR along with the seal.
  • Players will be provided team Jerseys at the venue. All the players must wear them during the game.
  • To ensure smooth running of the day, and tournament completion in time for fiesta, teams are required to report promptly 45 minutes before their first round match. Full event day timings and groups will be released in due course on the BBC World News Bowling microsite. Teams late for any match will forfeit.
  • Winning teams will have to play 2 or more matches in a day.
  • Refreshments will be provided at the venue.
  • Organizers reserve the right to change/modify/add any rule and reject any entry without ascertaining any reason.
For any queries mail Helpline
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